The Twelfth Keeper

The Twelfth Keeper - Belle Malory 2.5 StarsSo many mixed feelings about this book. I loved the concept of this one. Kids who were born from the spirit of one of the 12 constellations and carry elemental powers to help keep the world safe. That's pretty awesome. With that said I have quite few problems with the book.First is the setting. I had no idea what the hell was going on till about halfway through. They had cars that drove themselves, bracers and fancy hospitals. I had no clue what year it is, and still don't for that matter. I don't know if I'm supposed to be thinking that it's the same Earth only in the future or just a completely different world. Then we have the 'conflict' cause it wasn't really a conflict till the end of the book. They just basically mentioned the warring alien race in like 2 scenes and that's it. The book was really about Kennedy coming to terms with who she is and who she is becoming. Which I don't have a problem with. My problem stems from the fact that they kept calling them Keepers and I didn't know what they were keeping till halfway through the book. I didn't even know there were aliens involved till they finally said that DOE was the Defense of Extraterrestrials. Then I was like OHHH. But yeah...As I mentioned before this was really about Kennedy coming to terms with who she is and boy let me tell you that took foreverrr. They girl has the closest relationship with denial I have ever seen. Now usually this would have pissed me off enough that I would have stopped reading. What kept me reading was that even though she was in denial she still went through the motions and at least had an open mind when it came down to it. If she had just stuck her head in the sand I wouldn't have been bothered with the rest of the book. Once she finally realized who she was she started getting things done. She showed real progress, and I really liked that.The romance...this is a hard one. It was a bit of fate mixed in with free will, and yeah it started out with the whole connection and the guy not talking to her but somehow it was ok with me. Probably cause he got to see his PoV so we knew what he was going through. But it didn't last very long and then their relationship just went from there and I actually enjoyed it.I'm hoping we get answers, some actual background, and some real action involving that alien race.