Ever After (Rachel Morgan Series #11)

Ever After - Kim Harrison This is by far the best Hollows book to date. Rachel has grown so much, but still retains her feisty personality. Jenks has toned it down a bit as well, which just makes him that much more likeable. Then there is Trent...He has changed so much, but he still retains his essence, what makes him Trent. There was just so much character growth from everyone in this book even the demons, Newt and Al.I really liked how Rachel finally just went to Trent for help and not tried to go around it. I loved how they worked together. I am however not a big fan of how she keeps thinking that it's not going to work and Ellasbeth being back. She needs to stay in the West Coast for good (without the girls). Speaking of which, I loved the girls, specially Ray, they are little tiny people already :)Plot wise I liked learning more about the history between the Demons and Elves, and their respective rings. Specially how the demons and the ever-after actually looked like before the whole conflict started. I liked seeing the involvement between all 3 races + the gargoyles. With all that said, I felt like there was something missing somehow. I'm not quite sure what it is. Maybe that the threat just didn't give me that doom-and-gloom feeling. I just didn't get that urgency. Also it seemed as if there just wasn't enough action somehow? I mean there was always something going on, but there really wasn't that much actual fighting till the end since they kept running from Ku'Sox. So I guess that's really my problem. There was a bit too much running around everywhere and not enough fighting.This is however a must read for all Hollow fans and even if you aren't yet, you should pick up this series.