Slated - Teri Terry Not quite sure what to rate this. On the one hand it was well written and I liked the plot, would have still liked it to be more fleshed out but I'm guessing we'll get that in the second one with how things were left. I liked the MC for the most part as well. She is smart, clever and can put things together, yet at the same time she was kinda slow at some parts. The spy thing, Phoebe, her 'Dad'. It was all so obvious but she didn't connect the dots. Yet when it came to reading people and knowing their intentions she was pretty spot on. She could read between the lines really well. I'm hoping the smart yet dumb act is because of the Levo, cause if not, I'm not going to like the second book very much. My main problem with this book was the pacing and the length. It was entirely too long and the pacing was so slow, but fast enough to keep you interested. Like a trail of breadcrumbs really space apart. You just keep hoping the next one is coming soon, and it does, but at the same time it takes so long just to get there. On to the so called romance. I don't like Ben. I don't know if it's because of the Slating and then afterwards the Happy Pills, but I just didn't like the guy. Yeah he was susceptible, but he was also incredibly stupid. He said he could think by himself while being on the Happy Pills, well let me just say that leaves something to be desired.The way their romance developed was slow yet at the same time it just felt wrong somehow. I just felt no real connection between them. Specially cause the only time they spent together was either running or very short conversations about what was going on. At this point I might even like Nico more, and that says a lot LOL. Character wise I liked how it was done. All the major players are very complex characters all with their own secrets and hidden agendas. should be interesting to see how it all plays out. This book has a lot of potential, and I really hope that now that the Slating and Levo business is done with (concerning Kyla) and the potential is met, cause I can see this turning into quite the series.