The Silken Cord

The Silken Cord - Leigh Bale 3.5 StarsThis was such a nice book. Had a lot of fun reading it. Loved the action. My problem was with the romance. It was just a bit too insta-love for my liking. I know they had some history but in my opinion, not enough to warrant such fast declaration of feelings.Even though everything was resolved perfectly, it fit the story just fine, so I didn't mind. I liked both Wulfgar and Ariana. She knew what she wanted and what had to be done to get it done, and she sees it through. She may not have the physical strength to fight but she was touch were it counted.I really liked Wulfgar. Even though it's the medieval age, he doesn't act like a total ass at all. He is all about honor and fairness, even when it came to Ariana. He didn't treat her like a simpering idiot just for being a girl nor because he loved her. Unlike Jenkins! Since he was introduced I didn't like the guy, and the way he treated her grated on my last nerve. I'm kinda glad he died when he did. Not that he was entirely bad, but he really needed to go.As I mentioned before I really liked the action in this one. There was always some kind of battle or fight going on. My favorite one was while Wulfgar was chained, did some beautiful acrobatics to kick Edwin's ass. Loved it! xDSince this is a medieval romance I just can't give it a higher rating cause the I just couldn't agree with how it developed, nonetheless it's a good book.