Infinity - Sedona Venez I tried reading this. I thought the concept was interesting, unfortunately I hadn't realized it had a triangle, which I am allergic to. The language is a bit much. I don't mind cursing but this girl is cursing like twice in ever sentence, it gets annoying after some time. I do however like that she is independent and stands up for herself. My main problem is the so called romance. I am not sold on the multiple life mates thing. From where I left it at(30%) she has at least 2 now, and both relationships have not started out well at all. One she was turned on, then he was trying to kill her, and they ended up making-out by the end. The second guy is rude, acts like a neanderthal, she gets so pissed she ends up making-out with him as well. I'm sorry but that is just not for me.