The Golden Link (The Castellum Novels, #1)

The Golden Link (The Castellum Novels, #1) - Keira Moyer Disappointing. This has so much potential to be a great fantasy but all the characters just fall short. Kain is an assuming ass, just cause you proclaimed your love to the the girl does not make you her girlfriend, nor does it give you the right to be a possessive jerk and just kiss her out of jealousy, especially since it was her first kiss, ugh.Of course there is the love triangle, which honestly it isn't much of one, cause from Kain's actions to Tristan being Ary's soul mate he doesn't stand a chance. Not that Ary stands up for herself, so this may take awhile to resolve.And that was my main problem with this book. Ary. She has no backbone, the girl is being lied to left and right from everyone and yet still follows the directions of whoever is with her. It's astounding to be honest, and incredibly disappointing. She has so much power but no will to use it, and she gets into arguments at all the wrong times and about all the wrong things.The plot itself is actually interesting, if it gets more fleshed out and Ary finally does something this series might make a comeback, but until then this one is it for me.