Shadowlands (Shadowlands (Hyperion))

Shadowlands - Kate Brian Holy sh...I honestly don't know what to rate this. The beginning had me all pumped what with the chase and what not. Kept me on my toes for the most part. Then we get to the middle part and I start getting frustrated because there is obviously something going on and I'm not getting it. I give props to Rory for somewhat trying to figure it out, if she hadn't I wouldn't have bothered to finish this. I was getting so beyond pissed about all the weird crap going on and not even having an inkling of what was going on, and no one believing poor Rory about Nell and Darcy being a bi*ch and an attention-wh** the whole time. It was all just getting to me. And worst of all, Rory wasn't as confrontational as I would have liked her to be. I mean there were soooooo many things not adding up it was ridiculous, and yeah she obviously knew something was up, but she just didn't do enough.I was so close to throwing my poor Kindle at the wall from sheer frustration cause there was literally like 3 pages left and I still didn't know what was going on. 2 pages left and I thought I was getting where it was going. That final sentence was like least I was right, but my god the frustration through the whole book was beyond excruciating. I just wanted to hit something. Shake the Kindle and just make me tell me what the hell was going on. This is both good and bad. I can see some people just giving up mid way through and stop caring. It was just drawn out a little too long. I mean they literally don't say anything till the LAST SENTENCE. The Last!! I just can't get over that, sorry xD (Looking back, it was kinda obvious, but at the moment, the feelings were just getting in the way :P)If you can bear through the suspense and frustration till the very end, you'll end up liking it, if not don't even bother. I wouldn't be surprised if people just skipped right to the last page and just be done with it.Final verdict 3.5 Stars if the suspense had been handled a just a tiny bit better, this really could have been a 4 or 5 star book. Hell I'll give it that other half for having kept me guessing the whole time.P.S. I just realized this is part of a series. Whyyyy. I would have been perfectly happy if it was standalone. Actually I would have preferred it that way.