Being Jamie Baker

Being Jamie Baker - Kelly Oram I LOVE RYAN! xDHe has that perfect balance of, playfulness, being cocky, funny, serious, but sweet. *SIGH*Ok, on to the book. I had a bit of a problem with Jamie at first. The whole pity party and self punishment/exclusion and how she wasn't good enough for Ryan, was getting a bit on my nerves, but she totally made up for it when she started kicking ass with her powers at the end.The plot wasn't anything mind-blowing, it was all pretty straight forward, but what made the book what it was, was the characters, the evolution of Jamie because of her love for Ryan. That's what it's really all about.This book had me laughing out loud and sometimes and mostly smiling and smacking my forehead the rest of the time. Re-read worthy book. Loved it!