Altered - Jennifer Rush I'm not sure how to write this review without ranting. The plot wasn't exactly original, but I'm usually a sucker for those kinds of stories. My main problem with this one was the MC, by god I could not stand her at all, and then to find out that she was a commander? She should somehow been better, she was the one that more or less should have been giving the orders anyway. This could go both ways, since the people looking to control the boys would need her to be meek and easy to control, yet at the same time, she is the one with the last word. She has so much power and she doesn't use it to her advantage at all. For the most part I liked the boys, but it seemed to me like the author couldn't make up her mind whether she wanted them to be superhuman or not. They would have the superhuman traits for certain things then act totally dumb for others. There was the GPS thing, asking the hotel clerk person, staying too long in one spot. I understand anything they would have done wouldn't have worked anyway cause of Trev, but still, that's how they should have acted since they didn't know about Trev anyway.Also, I don't get the distances in relation to how long it took to get there. They went all over the place and yet it all took place under 1.5 days? Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I honestly don't know the distances.The so called romance was another thing I didn't get. I just wasn't feeling it through out the whole book. I just don't get where such strong feelings are coming from unless it's from their connection or w/e, in which case I would understand it and let it goIn the end, there were just too many little things that bothered me in addition to Anna, that by the end of the book I just wanted it to end. No amount of fight scenes/scavenger hunting/shoot outs were enough to redeem it completely. If the second book is written in someone else's pov I might think about picking it up.