Queen of Babble: A Novel

Queen of Babble - Meg Cabot 2.5 StarsI started out really liking it, then about 1/3 in, it got annoying. They weren't kidding about the babble thing, the girl can not shut up! But that wasn't even the problem, I actually started getting used to it and found it funny again later on, My problem was she was always in denial, kept making up wild excuses for stuff, and she was such a pushover at the start.What saved this book was that Lizzie does actually learn to stand up to herself and stops making wild excuses all the time. She doesn't completely stop, but it's a promising start. Also I really liked Luke, Shari and Chaz. Even Vicky started growing on me by the end of the book.By now it would have gotten a solid 3 stars if it hadn't been for that sex scene and then the falling in love with you bit. That sex scene felt so wrong. It was incredibly rushed and just out of the blue. (it took up exactly 1 chapter, I'm not even kidding) I would have actually been happier with just a make-out session at that point. I will concede, at least they didn't come out and say I love you, just falling in love, but still don't agree. They had only known each other for like 3-4 days. Hence the final 2.5 rating.If you are a Meg Cabot fan then you'll still enjoy this one. If you aren't, then I doubt you will, but you can still give it a go.