Witch's Brew, Spellspinners Series #1 (The Spellspinners of Melas County)

Witch's Brew  - Heidi R. Kling WHATTTTT!! WHYYYY?? would you end it like that?!I like reading books with witches but I don't really go looking for them. So glad I stumbled upon this one. Really liked the magic aspect, the conflict between the warlocks and the witched, their history and their politics. I really liked how *easy* the magic actually was, none that weird crap about how magic is so awesome, but then you use it and poof you are done, like a one-time magical wonder. It kind of reminded me of the T.V show Sabrina in respects to the use and ease of magic.Loved all the characters, even the evil-witch Caemillia (cause I just that ending had written her all over it) and the villan Jacob who is seriously creepy and disgusting. Then there is the bubbly Daisy, and the frenemy Orchid, because honestly she has yet to inspire actual trust. Speaking of which, also don't trust cotton candy haired Jonah, there is just something about him that isn't right. I loved the interactions between Lily and Daisy, and Lily and Logan, super-hot Logan *sigh*. I definitely approve of how the romance is developing, it's obvious they like each other but they are still holding back, like they should be.What I wasn't so keen about was the choosing how the story went. It really upset me, mostly cause I felt like I was going to miss something at the time it felt like a really big decision about how the story would go and I really just don't like to choose D:But all in all, anyone who even remotely likes stories about witches, this is a definite must!