Harbinger - Peta Crake This book had a lot of potential, but it fell short. I liked how it incroporated the greek mythology with the rest of the gods from other mythologies like the nordic. Crake really captured the cold hard attitude of a woman scorned way too many times of Hera, and the true egotistical bitchiness that was Aphrodite. Honestly if it weren't cause they were such awful gods I would have given up on the book. As it was, it was a battle just to finish it. They never really mentioned the MCs age and from the way the book was written I assumed she was in her teens, but about 3/4ths of the way in she finally mentions that she is actually in her mid twenties and boy was that a shock! The way the girl was acting and the book was written, it would be a very immature girl. I admired Ophelia at first because she seemed to always bounce back after all the horrible crap she went through, but after the uptenth tragic thing it started feeling more unbelievable than anything else. I just don't see how a girl like her could really be more or less ok with how many things she went through. Specially because she just came across as really weak and needy. She always ended up needing someone else to rescue her and then cuddle her. By the end of the book I just couldn't see it.The love interests were eh. I actually did like Hermes a lot better as just a friend. Aden was nice I guess, he always seemed to never be involved with anything bad but at the same time right smack in the middle of it. I just didn't care very much about his character.In the end this was just an ok read for me, still enjoyed some aspects of it, but could have been better.