Ember: Death Collectors: 1

Ember - Jessica Sorensen I am a big fan of anything written by Jessica Sorensen, and when this book was first announced I was totally excited cause it sounded extremely interesting, but then the teasers started coming out and I found myself afraid to pick up this book. For the first time I though I would be disappointed with one of my favorite authors. And to be honest I kinda was with the first half of the book. I despise insta-love and love triangles,/b>, and these two elements were featured prominently during the first half. But I decided to keep going and just kinda skip the weird make-out sessions with Asher and funky allure she had going on with Cameron. After the half way mark we really start getting into the meat of the story, which did not disappointing at all. The whole mythology surrounding the Grim Reapers, the Angels of Death, and the Grim Angel was a nice take on the good and evil/angels and demons war, and was totally sucked into it once it actually started going. What I have always loved about any of Jessica's books are the way she is able to always pull off an intricate plot. To take a story that starts off 'normal' and suddenly be able to weave all the elements that were once thought of as just there and then finding out that it all ties into the plot in major way. Like the mental instability of her family, the death of her Grandma and the weird compulsion she felt with Cameron. By the end of the book it was just one 'a-ha' moment followed by another.I still don't like the romance between Asher and Ember. It just seems off to me. And I was never fond of Raven even before she got taken over she was a bit too pushy for my liking. So for the first half I would give it 2 stars and the last half 5 stars. And I'll bump up a whole star just for Ember's power cause I think they kick ass even if they are burden.