Shadow's Claim (The Dacians, #1)

Shadow's Claim (The Dacians, #1) - Kresley Cole Oh how I missed the Lore and all of it's inhabitants. Still missing Nix, even though she was mentioned a bit in this one. When is she ever not involved? xDReally enjoyed this book, it had the steamy sex scenes, the action, carnage, and it's funny and sweet moments. Specially liked seeing Lothaire again. I think his interactions with Elizabeth were the funniest parts in the book, just cause he is this bad ass vamp and she has him totally wrapped around her little finger. It was great seeing them again and I hope we'll be seeing more of them in the other books as well.My only problem with this one was Bettina. She isn't like the other heroines in the sense that she wasn't really bad-ass. She even called herself a pushover, which she is. But she never did much of anything in my opinion. I mean I'm glad she finally started getting over her trauma, but all the other heroines had their issues as well and the way they solved it, they would go own up to it and kill whatever it was. Bettina never killed the Vrekeners, Trey did it for her, and I think that took a lot out of the story for me. She did start to get better by the end but let's just say she isn't my favorite heroine from the bunch.I still thoroughly enjoyed this one and can't wait for the next one!