The Shadow Society

The Shadow Society - 3.5 Stars but rounding up.Alright, the rating I'm giving this one is going to be mostly based on my enjoyment of it, because this book had quite a few plot holes and the ending was way too neatly packed in a nice big red bow. You might be asking how I can like a book with such a too perfect ending and so many plot holes? Well the answer is the characters. They were all so incredibly well done! I loved every single one of them. They were all so unique and alive, even the bad guys. As I have mentioned before, characters play a big role for me, which is why this is getting the rating that it is. The characters were what truly made this book. The MC, Darcy was amazing! She obviously had her flaws, but seriously Darcy is how I like most of my MCs, all the crap she went through and look at her now, still living a full life, and she could think for herself and take control of her situation and she was smart, not some clueless, naive girl. The plot was very interesting, but it wasn't really fleshed out. For example, Darcy's age should have been 20, yet she thought she was 17/18 (she is a junior in high school but they never addressed this issue, so I don't know what kind of math they were doing. Also they never really mentioned Conn's age either that annoyed me a bit, I like knowing my character's ages.. Then there is of course the Shades themselves, how does it work? They never mentioned they had super strength, just called them "warriors". What's their history? Then there is the whole dimensions thing. They did briefly talk about this, like 1 paragraph, but I think it should have played a bigger role. If just the Chicago Fire made a whole other dimension, what did WWI and WWII cause? And my biggest question is, what the hell happened to the rest of the world?! They only focused on Chicago and it was like they were an island, all isolated and no one from the outside came in. I just don't get how nobody else was having the same problems? I mean couldn't the Shades just move or whatever? So yes, this book had quite a bit of flaws, but I still enjoyed it a lot. The characters really shined through.