After Dark

After Dark - Emi Gayle The blurb for this one really intrigued me. There aren't that many books out there were the main supernatural creature is a changeling, usually they are just mentioned in passing. I really liked what the author did with this one, brought a whole new spin to it that I really liked, not to mention the politics, beliefs and traditions that came with it. If I were to rate the book solely based on the plot and concept it would have gotten 5 stars, because I sure as hell didn't see who the 'bad guys' were till they actually said so and afterwards it was an 'of course it was them! *facepalm*' reaction, but unfortunately I can't because I had a problem with the MC. Mac was very annoying, arrogant, and selfish at the start and made it really hard to like her. She kept calling all the humans names, like they were even worse than the piece of gum stuck to her shoe, yet she is a human half the time. Then there was the whole disinterest with like EVERYTHING except the book, which in my opinion still wasn't enough. The girl is an orphan, has to make the biggest decision of her life in eight months and she has asked absolutely no questions, not even about her mom or dad, really? The romance was just OK for the most part, a bit too insta-lust for me, but it got better and so did Mac, which is why it isn't getting a lower rating, cause she did grow. I also did like all the characters, they were well written, specially liked Winn's sister, Zoe. She had the same reaction I would if I found out all that was real, which should have been Mac's reaction and she did notice that it was kinda off.All in all it was an interesting read and I'll be waiting for the next one.