Shadow Reader, The (Shadow Reader Novel)

The Shadow Reader - Sandy Williams I hadn't read an Adult UF in a while and I'm glad I started up again with this one. It has great characters, intricate worlds with their politics and wars and their own beliefs. The romance was believable and well done, even though it did get incredibly frustrating at times. I really dislike when the MC can't make up her mind, but it was written in such a way that I could understand why she was so undecided. Didn't mean I still wasn't frustrated though.I think my favorite thing about this book was the MC, she may not know how to actually fight but man is she resourceful and damn determined and almost loyal to a fault. I really admired how she never once stopped trying to escape. She knew in her mind who the bad guys were and where her loyalties laid and she never once gave up no matter how many times she failed. And she wasn't complete naive either. She was suspicious and cautious when they started trying to change her mind. This was a fast paced, action filled ride with enough sexual tension to keep you reading the whole way through.