Bitter Blood (Morganville Vampires Series #13)

Bitter Blood - Rachel Caine 3.5 Stars.Even though I did like this book, I still can't bring myself to give it the 4 stars. Caine started introducing different POVs in her recent Morganville books and I actually enjoyed reading the different ones, especially in this one, where we get to read Myrnin's POV (I love Myrnin! xD). My problem was that all the POVs were in first person except Claire's. And that just basically ruined it for me, cause I felt detached the whole time I was reading it. Almost like it wasn't the Claire that we all love. In the previous books there has always been so much action, pain, betrayal, but ultimately the love that all 4 of them shared after everything they went through was what really did it for me. But by the end of this one there wasn't much of that left. Actually, most of the book was damn depressing, and that ending, ugh. So sad, not in a bad way, but not exactly good either. The whole thing just felt broken.And what's going to happen now after that ending?