Unspoken (The Lynburn Legacy, #1)

Unspoken (The Lynburn Legacy, #1) - Sarah Rees Brennan Ok, so, the actual story and plot of this book was pretty damn good. New spin on the whole magic thing, which was very welcome. We have action, romance, secrets, murder mystery. Was able to figure it out only like a chapter or 2 behind the MC, which was fun as hell, kept me on my toes and thinking for a change. Couple of things I didn't like, was that sometimes it would keep repeating Kami's name too much, I get it was the way the narrative was done but still, got a little annoying sometimes. And lastly was the problems between Jared and Kami, I mean geeze they can read each other's mind and and feel each other's feelings and somehow neither of them knows the other in love with them...at least Kami did question her feelings cuase of the whole connection thing, but it was still kinda obvious, and then the ending, omg, what the hell is wrong with him! Another thing is, I still don't get why he wouldn't let her touch him and he wouldn't touch her either. If someone knows the reason, feel free to enlighten me, cause it completely flew by me. I'll definitely be reading the next book though, have to find out what happens next!