Into the Deep

Into the Deep - Lauryn April 2.5 StarsThis book started out well. I got sucked in by how it was written, she was telling her story after it had already happened, so there would be little comments here and there about how she should have seen it coming and such. The main reason I picked it up was because it dealt with telepathy and I am just a sucker about anything dealing with psychic powers. Everything was going fine right until she heard the bombing though. It went down hill for me after that. My problem was that they took the bombing threat so lightly right up till the day before the bomb was set to go off. And they were all so damn slow! My god... I was beating my head against the wall so many times because of it, and how conveniently (or not, depends how you look at it) things seemed to happen. First we have Ivy who heard the second thought while being in the library. She starts looking around to see who is in it so that she might put a face to the thought. She KNOWS they are looking up info about bombs, and yet it doesn't occur to her to look at the records of who signed up for computers till like 3 days after. Even then she asks Charlie and she tells Ivy that there were FOOTBALL players on the comps that day, but it's like it just flies right over her head. They finally get Charlie to help them and the computers conveniently get messed up the day after...At this point I thought it was cause the bomber had this genius plan to sabotage them, but alas that was apparently too much to ask for. So Charlie is helping them out right? and it turns out, SHE CAN HACK PEOPLE!! There are LIVES in danger, the school is going to BLOW UP, but there is absolutely no mention of Charlie being able to hack till she mentions it to Ivy to help her change her absences...Really? absences are more important that using your hacking skills to figure out who the bomber is? Then they basically forget about till there is like a week left in which case they finally go through the records and figure out that Eric shows up on all of them. Charlie HACKS into the school record to get his schedule BUT NOT HIS ADDRESS, so they can wait around classes and talk to him...The guy doesn't show up so Charlie HACKS into the system AGAIN to get his address this time and go to his house. We are now at the day before the bombing is supposed to occur. They go to his thinking they'll find the bomb and Eric there. Really? It's the day before, they have to set it up, the bomb isn't going to be there, but w/e moving on. They then get their hands on the school floor plans to figure out where the bomb might be set up and they decide to get there early (6am) so they can stop it. SERIOUSLY?! That late!! They already know the bomb isn't at Eric's which means it's already being set up, therefore it's at school already, just break in people! But NOOOOO they go to sleep, and wait til 6am to confront Eric. Right then, sorry for all the ranting but it was just a bit ridiculous to me. And those are just the problems I had with the bombing angle of the book. Do not get me started on what happened with Sadie. Anyway, this book would have been a lot better if April would have left out the bombing part. The other aspects of the book could have portrayed the message just as well as how the bomb incident did. Which it did anyway, and that's the only reason this got the rating it did.