Devil's Bargain (Red Letter Days - Book 1)

Devil's Bargain (Red Letter Days - Book 1) - Rachel Caine I love Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampire Series, and I was hoping this one would be just as good, but it didn't quite live up to my expectations. The book isn't bad, but it isn't great either, probably cause I was expecting something else. The blurb says "But as she's thrust into a world of psychic powers and dangerous magic, Jazz isn't just bargain for her friend's freedom. She's bargaining for her soul too." So I picked it up expecting some serious psychic mumbo jumbo and dark powers (which in my head = demons and the killing spells and the likes), but instead I am left with red envelopes, super secret societies, an ex-super spy, an ex-cop and lawyers. Yes, lawyers...Most of the book is Jazz and Lucia doing their investigative work and doing the odd job for these 'lawyers', with some gun/fist fighting scenes every now and then, which I liked. The psychic powers part didn't come till about halfway through the book and even then it was just touched upon. Once Jazz and Lucia find out what those red envelopes mean they get all gung-ho about it being BS and they quit. It really started getting interesting to me once they have their talk with Max Simms and then it really all comes out, or at least all for this book. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some twists waiting for us in the later books.The whole concept of Leads, Actors, knowing the future and seeing all the possibilities is fascinating. But this only really came into play by the end of the book, which is a shame. I really would have liked it if it had been more developed.Character wise I must say that I found Jazz a bit annoying at times. I don't mind her violent streak but their close mindedness was pissing me off. They are detectives, they should have done more, not just swallow what they were told and leave it at that. All in all, this series does have potential, so I'll be keeping my eye on the next one.