Confessions of an Angry Girl

Confessions of an Angry Girl - Louise Rozett 2.5 StarsI liked it cause I did find myself laughing at some points, but the title just does not go with the book. I mean, the book is called Confessions of an ANGRY Girl right?! But I just never saw the angry girl anywhere in the book. She was just bitchy, whiny, and a smart ass at times. I would honestly stop sometimes and ask myself if this was supposed to be anger, and if we had the same definition of anger, and came to the conclusion that we obviously did not. The only time I saw that rage was when she almost pummeled Regina and I had been expecting that WAY earlier. I would have punched her when she had talked bad about my dad the first time. Now on to the rest of the characters. I didn't get what was so great about Jaime, he only appeared in the book at the start, and then the times they kissed and the ending. AND THAT WAS IT. During all those times, he would appear out of nowhere and leave out of nowhere, it was like the man was a ninja or something. Oh, and I would pay MONEY for someone to tell me how old Jaime actually is. Everyone kept describing him as OLD like he was in his freaking 30s or something and still in high school. He got held back a year I believe so I'm guessing he is about 18 or 19 max, which makes him 2-3 years older than Robert, but they way Robert and everyone else kept going at it you would think he was a Pedo or something...Then there is lovely Regina, for anyone who has watched "Mean Girls" just picture Regina George and you got EXACTLY THE SAME ONE, so I am not going to even use up anymore space talking about her. Tracy 'the best friend' was anything but. The girl was so incredibly self-absorbed it was nauseating. I don't even know HOW they became best friends in the first place when all the girl talks about is her and what ever matters to her. She gave her BEST FRIEND, USED, and LEFT OVER make-up, so she would get some fashion sense. Cause you know, giving nasty, old used up make-up is what best friends are for, but what do I know?I think the only 'normal' characters were Robert, Peter, and Angelo. Robert I didn't care for, the guy needed to get a clue, but he at least acted like a friend towards her. Peter and Angelo were actually nice guys. Angelo was just this big, burly, sweet guy. The book did have it's moments, and at some points Rose reminded me of myself, I am socially awkward with people I don't know so I will mostly likely end up being blunt, which comes across a lot of times as rude and a snob, but that's just how I am xD It takes a while for me to warm up to people. And I saw this same aspect in Rose at times, which is why I found it funny. Others might not see it that way.The ending was...unexpected. In the sense that I just kept pushing the next page button on my Kindle waiting for it to 'escalate' and unfortunately it never did :(I had started this review as a 4 stars, but after writing everything out, I realized a lot of things and well, the funny parts just don't make up for it anymore.