Don't Turn Around (PERSEF0NE, #1)

Don't Turn Around (PERSEF0NE, #1) - Michelle Gagnon I love books about hackers, and this one had just the perfect mix for me. Hacking, weird medical surgery, goons dressed all in black, and a conspiracy! WOOO xDIt was all pretty well done, I really liked the characters, all of them, even Mason with his creepy stalker-killer thing he had going on. I felt so bad for Peter with his a-hole parents, and I don't care how guilty the mom feels she still didn't do crap. Noa was pretty kick-ass although a bit clueless at times. I mean she is a big time hacker right? Why not actually put those skills to use to find out who the mysterious helper was. And she needed money, why not use her skills to get some as well? I guess my problem is that she didn't actually do much hacking at all, just at the start to get the info and at the end for her plan, which was truly genius too bad it didn't truly work out.I really liked how all the elements were woven in, the weird surgeries, the disease that killed Peter's brother, how Noa fits into all of it, the 'mysterious' helper, Amanda. It's all done to keep you guessing and trying to figure out what is going on, which it most definitely accomplished. I would still like to know how the government fits into all of it, and why they started making such fatal experiments in such a large scale when the Owner's daughter of the pharmaceutical company hadn't even gotten the disease yet. I'm guessing they both tie in somehow and that it will be answered in the next book. The ending was...good and bad. Peter totally played the hero and didn't even get the girl! But at least she got away. I was NOT happy that Cody was killed was it completely necessary? I guess since he was the 'medical expert' and knew too much, but still, he was so nice! and my other problem with the ending was that we finally get to meet the mysterious helper and I am not a happy camper. I can tell there is a love triangle coming and I am hating it already. I don't like the new guy, he seems too convenient somehow. Really hoping the romance stays as understated as it was here, and if the triangle MUST happen that it at least is well done. I don't want to see a potentially good series go down the drain because of it.