Precinct 13

Precinct 13 - Tate Hallaway Ah, such a refreshing book. It had action, romance, a SMART MC, not like those ditzy Mc's you see so much, where they are supposed to be smart yet they miss the most obvious things. Plot actually moved along quite nicely, the only Duh! moment was what Valentine was, but she still knew she just didn't really want to accept it. I really liked how she got over he denial of magic in a timely fashion, she didn't spend most of the book whining about all her insecurities. But it wasn't like she was magically (Ha!) cured of them either, but she was coming to terms with them pretty damn well. I also really liked the romance, mostly because you could tell she truly cared about Valentine specially after she found out he was a dragon, she understand and accepted he had different priorities and needs. What I enjoyed the most was that she was a coroner so it was a bit morbid at times, and also how she quite literally cursed xD Awesomest thing ever LOL.