Shadow Sight

Shadow Sight - This could have been a solid 4 stars till I read the end...That insta-attraction completely ruined it for me. Dropped a full star cause of it. It just seemed so out of character for to just suddenly be so damn attracted to this guy. I thought she was going back to herself when she meets him again, but nope, they just start right off dating. I don't know, it just rubbed me the wrong way.Asides from the weird romance it was pretty good book, loved the lore and Ivy's spunky attitude. What I didn't get was why she took so long to find the bridle. I mean after she left the Ferris wheel she should have gone right into searching for it, but instead she starts doing all this other stuff, and I was left wondering when they hell she was going to get around to it. It was well written and I liked the story but I don't know if I'll be pick up the next one if they keep their relationship.