Samurai Awakening

Samurai Awakening - Benjamin    Martin 3.5 Stars - Don't know if to round up or down yet.I am still not quite sure how to rate this one. The book was good. The background story, the setting was all very well developed. The characters were all very nicely fleshed out as well, and they all grow throughout the book. My problem with this one was that I just couldn't connect with the MC. He was younger than I thought and the third person view always made it kind of awkward for me to be able to get into the book. It was more like I was being told what happened than actually seeing it happen. Also, most of the book was the adapting and training of David with the Japanese culture and his new status as a Samurai. Even with all that the book wasn't actually bad, it was really well thoughout, and there were surprises by the end. I especially loved the surpise visit from David's family and Jessica's reaction to Takumi. Also the Kami Takumi ended up shifting to. I actually almost had a heart attack when I thought he had died at the Shinto shrine and then he suddenly wakes up a bit later and I was like THANK GOD! xD Oh, and I almost cried when Grandpa died! So sad! D:For all of you guys that can stay away from spoilers, I STRONGLY suggest you don't click on that one unless you want to know all the twists in the book.