The Vicious Deep

The Vicious Deep - Zoraida Córdova 3.5 Stars Rounding down.This book started out great, lots of humor, dirty jokes, and it was written in a guy's POV which just made it that much more funny. I am still not sure what to make of Tristan, sometimes I liked him others not so much, but by the end of the book I still feel undecided...There is just something about him that is missing. It almost feels like when you are in shock, you can see everything that's going on but you don't truly feel anything, and that's what it felt like at some points. Part 2 and 3 is when you really get into the 'plot' which for now is really just a quest to get the trident so he can become the next Sea King. There was plenty of action and I really enjoyed those scenes, but by part 3 I was skimming every few paragraphs. It just wasn't grabbing my attention as much like in the first part except when you got to the fight scenes. Since this is the first book in a series, it was left with quite a bit of things left hanging loose. The romance was left up in the air, don't really know what is going on there, and with the plot, I mean I get what they are trying to do and the threat with the sea witch but I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I still really enjoyed this book since one it was written in a boy's POV and they put a new conflict to the merman story line beside the whole picking where they are going to live. He will eventually have to decide but the politics of their world takes a much more important role. Will be reading the next in the series to follow Tristan's quest.