Darkness Breaks: 2

Darkness Breaks - Jessica Sorensen Loved this one more than the first one. We get to see more of Sylas which is awesome, cause I liked Sylas since the first book and Aiden just rubbed me the wrong way, and in this book I get proven right! xD Sylas is just *sigh* awesome. I didn't really like Aiden in the first book but I was willing to over look it, but my god in this one I wanted to throttle him! He chained her to the wall?! SERIOUSLY?! Who does that!!! I don't care if he is so worried about her he can't let her go, that is just wrong. And it makes me wonder if what he feels is actually love or if Monarch somehow programmed him that, so that he would help her with her memories. I like how the plot is all weaving together, there are still a lot of unanswered questions, but we get told a lot more, and it's starting to make sense now. But the most pressing question is! WHAT HAPPENED TO SYLAS!!! D:Need the next book ASAP! xD