The White Forest

The White Forest - Adam McOmber *Thank you Touchstone and Edelweiss for the ARC copy =)This book is in a class of it's own. The writing, the plot, it's all so well done. The characters and what they went through was all believable, you could see it happening. All the characters develop into their true selfs because of their ordeals and even though these were all different, they were all connected as well. I really liked how the novel flowed, how it went from present day occurrences to past recounting of events that were all connected, painting the full picture. It starts out with the disappearance of Nathan Ashe and it ends not only with the appearance of Nathan, although not really himself anymore, but also with the discovery of who Jane truly is, of her purpose, of what her life means.I really liked Jane, she started out as this timid girl who pretty much went along with whatever Maddy told her, but as the novel progresses she finds her backbone and finally realizes Maddy's and Nathan's true colors. She doesn't let them use her anymore.What was even more intriguing was the story that was told here, about the Empyrean and Jane, the white forest and the Lady of Flowers. I was a bit confused at the start because they don't mention right away what Jane's powers actually are, what she can actually do nor what the importance of it is. But that in itself was the fun part because we get to go on a journey with Jane to find out those answers, and she does find them.This book is probably not for everyone, it's pretty odd but incredibly compelling and that's what makes it so great.