The Virgin's Revenge: A Rancho del Cielo Romance (Ranch del Cielo)

The Virgin's Revenge - Dee Tenorio *Unmarked spoilers3.5This book had me laughing out loud at some points, specially the start. It was well written and the male POV was fun to read. This could have easily been a 4 star, but the ending just kinda deflated all of my excitement, like a balloon that was popped. It was all going amazingly well till Locke showed up at Mandy's house. I didn't expect Locke to actually do that. It wasn't just Locke beating up Cole like that, but then afterwards they way Mandy acted when Cole was confessing was just ugh. Everyone kept saying how she was finally spreading her wings and what not, and when it actually counted she does that..Really? The apologizing and male bonding came a little to late for me. After that beat up and Mandy's outburst it just kinda ruined it for me. Nevertheless I really did enjoy this book up until the ending.