The Lost Soul (Fallen Souls, #1)

The Lost Soul (Fallen Souls, #1) - Jessica Sorensen *May contain unmarked spoilersHOT DAMN! Ok, so I was about like 50% through and was getting really frustrated cause I had like NO idea what the hell was going on. I mean, everyone had something different going on. Then there were the dreams, or whatever they were, just made me even more confused cause some might have happened others might happen and others were just complete bull crap. To be honest I am still kind of confused on some things. The whole thing with the 3 sisters and Luna + the problem with the dad and the vision Helena wants to change, which I still don't know what vision it is, and how that's going to change, or to what. Again, all very confusing and I am still not sure how exactly Gemma got possessed? So if anyone knows, let me know xD But then it started to all come together, or at least enough for me to start making sense of somethings, and then all the little revelations start popping out and then the ending! omg! Can't wait to find out how they get out of this one!