Drain You

Drain You - M. Beth Bloom The synopsis made it sound like an awesome book, but I just couldn't get into it at all. The first person writing and the way the characters talk were ridiculous. I get they are teenagers, but they overused, Dude, Like, and Cool to the point were I was just rolling my eyes every time it came up, and it came up A LOT, so it made it kinda hard to read with all the eye rolling. It was all very choppy and the relationships with her friends all fell flat. And then there was the Undead guys, which was obvious who they were as soon as they get described, and the MC is so completely blind to it all, like it's perfectly normal...The crap she sees in just the first 50 pages and she just doesn't say anything to anyone or thinks it's perfectly normal. I don't know how finding a girl crying hysterically with blood on her hands could possibly be considered normal. The MC's thoughts about this? None..except lusting after the girl's brother. She doesn't even wonder how she could have gotten blood or why she was crying. The girl then gives her a BS excuse and she doesn't question it at all cause she is too busy thinking about the girl's brother. Couldn't finish this book, and I doubt I'll ever even want to finish it.