Ruby Red

Ruby Red - Kerstin Gier I really really liked this book. Loved the MC. Gwyneth is sweet, but brave at the same time, and strong. Even after she killed the attacker, she got over it pretty quickly and didn't start having a breakdown that lasted pages Liked Gideon as well, I would still like to know why he kept calling her Winnie at first. But what really makes this book so awesome in the plot. The whole time-traveler gene, and the secret society and how it all tied together with the chronograph. Can't wait to see how the story of Lucy and Paul tie together with what little we know now. Even though I really enjoyed this book, it was SO short! There sooo many things she could have expanded on! It just seemed a bit too rushed for me, I would have really liked if she had drawn it out longer and explained a bit more. Nonetheless I can't wait till Sapphire Blue comes out!