The Apocalypse

The Apocalypse - Jack Parker 4.5 StarsI really really enjoyed this book. Stayed up so laye trying to finish it, but it kept me sucked in the whole time. Even though it was kinda hard to warm up to Jake at the start and Hannah and her friends, mainly Libby, were pretty bitchy sometimes, I still really liked it. We get to see both of their POVs so even if their actions made me mad and frustrated at times I still understood them. It was kinda hard to warm up to Jake at first, but it was all with in character and as the book progress, so does he. I was giggling reading through the movie marathon scene, and the poor guy thinking about all his multiple personalities LOL. I thought Isaac was so sweet, how he took care of his sister but still managed to be the little annoying pesk that younger brothers are. The dynamics between the girls' friendships and the guys' was spot on, and the different POVs was so well done, it's what makes this book so great. I was kind of annoyed at how the book ended, mostly 'cause I just didn't want it to end at all xD Really wanted to see the scene where Jake tells their moms about them xD