Glitch (Glitch - Trilogy)

Glitch - Heather Anastasiu 2.5This could have been a pretty good book. Really liked the plot and the whole V-chip/hardware idea was what caught my attention initially, it was really well thought out. The whole Community, how it got set up, how they managed to basically enslave everyone with their lies. If I rated it depending on the plot, it would have gotten a 5. I really loved it, but I am one of those persons that vehemently believes that the characters make or break a book, and in this case they broke it. I did not like ANY of the characters. Molla is the most pathetic character I have ever had the displeasure of coming across. She was ALWAYS sniveling, and panicking and she could barely get anything done! And she kept following Max around like a puppy, when it's clear the man is using her. Max is a psycho with some serious anger management problems. One word/gesture/look that could possibly mean that Zoe wasn't interested in him and he would go off. Really did not like him. My feelings on Zoe keep going back and forth, I understood her at the start of the book, by the middle and 3/4th in she was pissing me off and by the end she got a lot better just for the fact that she kicked some major butt. The one character that I kinda liked or at least tolerated the most was Adrien, he seemed to be the most down to earth, and he was smart, resourceful, and at least I knew why and how he could love Zoe so fast. He had been getting visions of her for 2 years, so I can see why to him it would feel like he knew her already and such. But Zoe? She had never met the guy and in a days time she falls in love with him? I don't get it, oh and she also basically trusts him right away, even though she thinks he is a Monitor... And her feelings for Max were even more baffling. He treated her like a thing most of the time after she gets back to the Community and he is suddenly telling her that he loves and her was worried about her and that he glitches too and she just tells him everything!!! It's like what the hell woman! have some sense of self preservation! She is just soo trusting all the time, pissed me off. And then by the end takes like a whole chapter to finally figure it out even though the Chancellor already told her. the Chancellor tells her, that her power is to CONTROL people and she still thinks that Adrien betrayed her and he is acting like himself and is doing all that on his account...I mean really? Yet she thinks that Max was the one the Chancellor was controlling and that's why he has been spying on her for the past months...That was just wow... She redeemed herself when she finally starts kicking butt with her powers and gets them all out of there, but it just wasn't enough for me. I kept reading because I was pretty confused as to what was really going on, who was the head honcho and so on, which they don't reveal that till way in the end and that's when the action really starts so yeah.I won't be reading the sequel, even though I do think Zoe will most likely get better. There were just too many things wrong for me in the first one to make me want to pick up the second one.