Pitch (Death Day, #1)

Pitch (Death Day, #1) - Jillian Eaton The only problem I had with this novella, was that, that it was a novella, TOO SHORT! I wanted MOOOAR!! D:There were some editing issues here and there, not enough to take out from the experience. I just skipped right over them.Awesome start for a series, loved Lola! she was gutsy, sarcastic, smart, but still down to earth. Even though her life kinda sucked she doesn't overly whine about it. Loved the interactions between Lola and Travis and Lola and Maximus. It was obvious there was something up with Maximus, being all mysterious and bad-ass like that. I still don't fully trust Travis, something is going on there. That ending just killed me! I NEED to know what happened with Maximus! I refuse to believe he would go down like that.There was lots of action, but with a bit of gore, which I loved! with just a hint of romance and some laugh out loud moments. In short, I REALLY loved this novella!