Divinely Ruined - Diane Alberts This could have easily been a 5 star, but by the end of it, Rebecca had pissed me off too much.This was a fast enjoyable read, and the first half was a pretty awesome, then it started going down from there. Rebecca changes a bit too much, I know it was necessary but it's as if she had last her spark, the one thing that had made me like her from the start. And after she was back to herself again she went off like that and it just pissed me off! I know she had her trust issues and what not, but the only thing Tony did was take his sweet time not telling her she wan angel, and it's not like he was enjoying it either. He was tense and guilty more than half the time cause of it, and he kept her at an arm's length most of the time because he knew it was wrong. He was about to tell her anyway! And she still goes off and she acted as if everything that he did was a big joke to him, which I still don't see how that's possible but whatever, I guess she is entitled to that since she was pretty emotional at the time. But my biggest issue was that she didn't even realize it by herself...Sally had to point it out...I still enjoyed it quite a bit, had it's ups and downs, but good nonetheless.