Insanity (Asylum, #1)

Insanity (Asylum, #1) - Lauren Hammond The story of this book was actually pretty good, Hammond really though it out. Halfway through it I knew how it was going to end up but still don't know how exactly it came about, unfortunately I won't be picking up the next one in the series, it didn't keep me interested enough to read the next one.The whole going back and forth almost every chapter threw me off a couple of times. Had to stop to make sure I was in the Before or After period. The romance was blah, I honestly didn't see why they loved each other so much (Damien & Addy). I see more going on between the Doc & Addy and she doesn't even realize she is in love with him subconsciously. My biggest problem was that it was set in 1954 but 1) NO ONE acts like it's 1954 and 2) the language is all off too for supposedly being in that time period, but at the same time they are throwing things like the colored pictures and the practices of electroshock therapy and lobotomies still going around. It all just really threw me off even more than the changing of Before and After. Maybe Hammond meant it that way since they never actually say how old Addy is now, but that just turned me off.Some people will like this as pointed out by the majority of reviews, but the way the story was executed just wasn't for me.