Social Suicide

Social Suicide - Gemma Halliday Awesome read! More sarcasm, and looooved the misunderstandings between Chase and Hart, their reactions were too funny, and the conversations between Sam and Hart, I could definitely see them playing out, typical teenage girl reactions lol. "Tell me the exact words he used," Sam ordered, leaning forward on her stick. "He said, 'Want to go to the football game with me?'" Same threw her hands up. "That's it. He asked you out. On a date." I shook my head. "I really don't think he meant it like that." "Are you sure?" Same narrowed her eyes at me. "Yes. No. I . . . I don't know! He said and then he winked at me." "Whoa!" Sam dropped her stick, putting both hands up. You didn't mention a wink. You never said anything about a wink!" "Why? What's the wink mean? I asked, starting to get a little nervous. "Ohmigod, Hartley. He totally fluffin' asked you out." More creative censorship "You fluff-eating son of a monkey with a rash up his-"Less deaths this time around but there was still action and I wasn't so sure about who the killer was till it was confirmed at the end. "Great. Saved by cheerleaders. I would never live this down."