The Grey Tier

The Grey Tier - Michele Scott 4.5 StarsReally liked this book. The characters are great. Especially liked Mumbles for some reason, man of few words lol. Evie is well liked heroine, she has her freak outs but is still well grounded, polite but no pushover, and kicks ass when the situation called for. The murder mystery was well done, had my suspicions halfway thought but couldn't be too sure till the end and then ended up being wrong, was on the right track though! Nice twist at then end. Romance was alright, that's why this is a 4.5 not a 5. I liked Lucas but I don't know there was just something off. And Joshua I definitely do not like, the golden boy and secondary love interest. I just wish he was out of the picture, ugh. The concept of of the afterlife was really well thought out, I am still a bit confused about the tier and such, but all in all great book, and Can't wait to read the next one!