Blackbird - Nicole Salmond This book was a kinda like a seesaw. Had quite a few ups and downs, mostly ups towards the end. It started out pretty great. We get to meet Nate, how is pretty down on his luck and right in the edge of depression. Then we meet Claire who is a very driven, impulsive and stubborn girl. Loved their banter and how Claire kept helping Nate even when she didn't have to. I really liked how their romance developed, how starts getting out and changing for the better, not only in regards to his leg, but his whole persona. Claire also grows a bit a realizes what she really wants in life and that she can get it if she really wants to. Claire's bf was a complete ass, he was the epitome of douche.My problem was with the way they talked sometimes. It just didn't seem real. As nice as it would be that people could just talk like that and get out everything, but it's just not realistic. So even though the story was going well, they would have a random talk and I would throw me off, then get back into it and so on. But even with it's issues I ended up liking this one.