Unraveling: The Emperor's Edge Series by Lindsay Buroker

Forged in Blood II - Lindsay Buroker
"You're the only person who's ever wanted to give me happiness," Sicarius said.

"You were thinking of all that when you wrote that letter? I had... no idea you cared as to who ended up on the throne."

"I did not foresee Sespian winning the position when word of his heritage got out. I thought he would approve of this alternative."

"All along, I thought I was running things," Amaranthe said, "and here it turns out you're the mastermind." Sicarius touched his chin. "Here."


"Your gaze of adoration. It's focused on the window currently." She grinned and gazed at him. "I apologize."




Oh, this series...The feels...I can't express how much I loved Sicarius and the last two books, which were half in his PoV, just cemented that feeling that much more. I think from now on I'll be comparing every assassin character I come across with Sicarius and I'm sure that most are going to fall painfully short.


He was exactly how an assassin should be. Killing with no regret, a badass with knives, sneaky, smart, silent, and deadly. It took so long and so much work on Amaranthe's part to get him to even joke around as he did in that quote and that was half the fun of these books. And that second to last chapter! Totally worth the slow, but sure progression of their relationship.

Sicarius strode out, utterly naked except for a technical manual in his hands. He didn’t bother to wield it strategically to hide...anything. Amaranthe gaped at him. After a startled moment of surprise, she forced herself to keep her eyes focused on his face. Mostly. “Sicarius. I, ah...” Have always wanted to see you like this, she thought. No, she couldn’t say that. Was wondering if you were blond all over. No, definitely not that.


As I've said before I'm a girl that needs awesome characters, or at least believable ones, and Buroker was a genius at creating all the characters in The Emperor's Edge. Their interactions and just livliness of them was amazing. I felt like they were there with me and I was a part of their group. It was painful to say goodbye to such great characters. I'll miss them.

"He eyed Amaranthe - and her revealing attire. "If she's here, can we say you're my..."

He groped for a relation that would suggest absolutely no sexual connotations. "Daughter?" Amaranthe suggested.

"Dear ancestors, no. She'll think I'm ancient. Er, my age, anyway. And what would she think of my parenting influence if she saw you in that outfit?"

"Did you just, in the same breath, call me old and promiscuous?"



"Should this turn...confrontational, we don't have our two most proficient fighters here." Maldynado propped his hand on his hips. "You have me."

Books looked him up and down, then focused on Amaranthe again. "We don't have our two most proficient fighters here."

Amaranthe, could be said, was the glue of the group. She brought them together and kept them together. Through all their bickering, ribbing, and teasing.

"Akstyr, is there a way to keep them uncounscious?"

"Shoot them?", Akstyr said.

"You're supposed to be a Science advisor," Books told him, "not a Sicarius acolyte."

Maldynado cleared his throat. "For the record, that would have been my response, too."

"You've tested the mask?" Yara finally asked.

"Ah, sort of. We tested its ability to block out noxious fumes."

A few feet away, Maldynado snickered.

"Let me guess who supplied them," Yara grumbled.


None of them really knew how to deal with Sicarius half the time. The only one that really treated him as a fellow companion and human being was Amaranthe. The rest just kept a healthy dose of wariness when dealing with him. But Sespian came a long way though, and if you have read the first one you would know why that's important ;)

"Everyone without diving suits drowns down here?" He seemed to realize he was talking to someone without a suit, for he added, "And, er, just so you know, this wouldn't fit you, Sicarius, so there's no need to stab me in the back for it."

"I wouldn't do that," Sicarius said as they turned into another corridor.

"That's a relief," Maldynado said.

"It would compromise the suit"


“Do many people try? To hug you?”

“Few. Usually women.”

“Ah. Amaranthe.” Sespian’s face grew wistful, though it seemed accepting as well.

“Infrequently.” Sicarius headed for the ladder leading to the top of the tower.

“Really? If a girl was inclined to hug me, I’d encourage her to do it frequently.”

“I am not good at… encouragement.” Sicarius climbed the ladder and found the harpoon launcher where he’d left it.

“I’ve noticed,” Sespian said, reaching the top behind him. “It’s easy though. You spread your arms like this and give a girl your most inviting smile. Do you… have an inviting smile?”


“Any sort of smile at all?”


“I can see where you’d have a problem then,” Sespian said.

While the books weren't perfect in any stretch of the imagination, they were incredibly addicting, entertaining and just plain fun to read. The world building wasn't fantastic but it was more than good enough. The readers get the information they need as the books progress. We learn tid bits of the political problems each regions went through in each book and we get one step closer to dealing with the main for, Forge, as well, till the final show down in the last book. It was one hell of a mess. What I liked the most where always Amaranthe's crazy plans and her knack in talking people into the craziest things. She paid a price in the end for it, but the whole journey was great to watch. In case you didn't get the message. I loved this series! xD