Unraveling: Locked by Eva Morgan

Locked - Eva Morgan



Need I say more? If that's not enough to convince you, I don't what is! description


Ok, ok, fine, let me try and convince you then...Have you watched BBC Sherlock? No? Then what the hell are you doing reading this?! Go watch it right now! Come back already? Excellent, let's proceed then.


Ms. Morgan does such an awesome job at catching the essence of Sherlock and then putting him in a high school setting. It was brilliant.


This is the story of a modern day Sherlock and Irene. Irene is a very troubled girl. She was in the car when her sister died and she didn't come out of it whole. So what happens when her mom makes her welcome the new neighbors by bringing over a casserole? Sherlock does what he does best and throws in her face the death of her sister not 2mins after opening the door.




Irene's reaction? Throw the casserole at Sherlock's face :D And this was most of their interactions throughout the book. Irene was a strange but great mix between Molly and Watson. Watching Sherlock trying to make sense of this strange girl, and Irene trying to cope with such an intense young man. It was perfect.




The whole book had me laughing out loud, sighing in contentment, and breaking my heat at others. Especially the ending! But it was all so worth it!


I would have liked a bit more mystery to the murder plot, but I was just having so much fun with Sherlock and Irene I couldn't be bothered with it for too long.


Mycroft was a tad creepier here than he is in the show. We don't even know what his job is, only that he is basically never at home, and every time he talked with Irene he gave me the creeps, but you could still that he did actually care for Sherlock. We also get a very tiny glimpse of Moriarty and I can't wait for the next book!!