Puddle Jumping - Amber L. Johnson

The dependency on Lilly's part was not healthy but it was real, you know? She didn't know any better, that's just how things developed. That's what I appreciated about this book. It didn't pull any punches. We may not want to see things as they truly are, because logically we know it should be a certain 'healthy' way, but this is life and feelings and emotions, and things tend to not work logically at all most of the time.

Her mention of 'stalker tendencies' because she had a crush and needed more info to strike up a convo and get to know him better. Her friendship went through stages, and again it didn't pull any punches, because as much as you want to believe that you would never think something offensive about your bff, you damn well know it's gonna happen at one point or another, but this however doesn't change that they are your bff. It's just how it is. It was all just very relatable.

Some people might be offended by the things she thinks and such, but let's be honest. That's pretty much how we all acted at that age, plus and minus a few things.