Early Unraveling of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

3.75? 4? I don't know. I saw that coming, I did, but I just REALLY didn't want it to happen because I LIKE Maven and then all that shit happened and now...Now I'm just really bummed...


While I really enjoyed this book, there still some things that I would have wanted more from. For being a fantasy it's quite lacking in world building. I don't know if this is world is in the same style as Mark Lawrence's Prince of Thorns, where after modern humanity killed it self off they had to start from 0 again and it's been 1000s of years later.


This is kind of what I gathered what with the bit of electronics and techies in use and the mention of radiation and stuff, but I honestly have NO CLUE what the hell happened. Also there is a war going on right now with the Lakelanders that's been going on for 100s of years and I don't even know what's the deal behind that. Not really. Some vague explanation was given but not good enough.


Then there is the idea of the Silvers and Reds. It's a cool idea, reminiscent of X-Men but what happened to bring about the Silvers? Are we supposed to believe it was just evolution doing it's thing? I just don't know enough, and I'd very much like to.


I liked the characters, I didn't LOVE any of them, but I liked them. I loved Mara's relationship with her family. Adored her brothers, but they didn't get enough page time.


I can't really talk too much about the romance. It was good? But not really? But actually yes? You just really have to read it and find out.


All in all, hats off to Victoria Aveyard for a great debut novel. Looking forward to the next one!